Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo booth fun!

I am pleased to announce our new business, lolz! Photobooth. After doing some research and listening to my clients, I decided to invest and grow my DJ business with photo booth services. Have you ever been to an event that had a photo booth for their guests? It brings such so much fun to the table, it’s amazing!
Photo booths have been around for quite a long time, in fact the first automated photography machines was filed in 1888. The first known real working photo booth machine was shown at the World Fair in Paris in 1889! Photo booths sure have come a long way since then. Our photo booth has the best of both worlds, lightweight and portable yet it’s modern and fun looking. You can also fit up to 10 people at once!!!
Sp spread the word, lolz! Photobooth is now open for business. It is the perfect addition to any fun event you are planning!

-Jessie Garcia

Friday, July 15, 2011

California Destination Wedding

Destination weddings somehow always seem to have a different energy to them. Everyone seems to be more relaxed and ready to have a bit more fun, probably because they end up making the wedding a mini vacation! Take Marleen and Chris Lewis for example. They chose a great location in Northern California as their wedding location, Arnold Black Bear Inn. They could not have chosen a better venue than this one. Bruce and Wendi Davison run this beautiful location and were a big part in making this event a success. Take a look at this video I created for Marleen and Chris.

- DJ Jessie Garcia

Monday, June 13, 2011

BMX Extravaganza!

I had such a great time with the folks from San Jose Hyland Bikes this past Saturday for their 1st annual BMX Extravaganza. Bill Hyland Senior and  Bill Junior coordinated this event with the help of many friends and family, and I was lucky enough to DJ for them. Our riding bud, Eric took control of the mic to announce all the cool moves from local riders. Mirra Bike Co. rider Lenny showed his stuff as well as helped in giving away a totally rad Mirra bmx bike to one lucky winner.

Whether you ride BMX, Fixie, or cruiser bikes, look no further than Hyland Bikes. They will give you that one on one attention that is very hard to find at the bigger name shops. You will be impressed with the entire staff, which are totally cool, knowledgeable riders!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Portola Valley Wedding

It is so nice to finally see the sun out! It's kinda funny to be from California and hear conversations everywhere about how nice it is to get some warm weather. We are spoiled rotten with such nice weather out here that anything else is not acceptable! I look forward to getting out with my good friends and hit some trails with our mountain bikes soon.  Since I've been spending time indoors, I had no (good) excuse not to work on this video I promised Allison and Jameson Amato, a totally awesome couple I provided entertainment for recently. We took it a step further with a photo booth and a video gram setup to have guests wish them love and congratulations. Take a look at this video and see how crazy the dance floor gets!

  I have provided entertainment for the Amato's at more than one occasion and I have to say, it is always so much fun! Their family and friends are so responsive and LOVE to have a great time on the dance floor. It was really exciting to work with Jameson and Allison, they both have a great love for music and I was honored to make it happen. Immediately after the wedding ceremony it started to RAIN!! The funny thing was that nobody was bothered by the change in weather. People were so excited to be part of this amazing event. Bruce Fielding from B and B Catering served a great Mexican dish followed by a Sundae Bar, yummerz. Anyways, congratulations to the Falk and Amato families. And another shout out to Allison and Jameson on their baby girl that's on the way! See you at the next party : )

-Jessie Garcia

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Teaser Trailer

Here's a teaser trailer I created for Allison and Jameson from their wedding reception last night. I have so much footage to go through before I send them a 3 to 4 minute video clip. We had so much fun last night I don't even know where to begin. I look forward to sharing some great stories about this wedding very soon, so come back to see more fun videos! - Jessie Garcia

Monday, May 23, 2011

How'd you take those photos?

 Hey everyone, after receiving a few comments through Facebook and email I thought I'd share how I had the photo at the top of this blog taken. I've been wanting to have some professional shots taken for my business so I brought the subject up with my Father-in-Law Joe Homsy who is an awesome wedding and event photographer. Although he does not have an actual studio, he told me to bring my gear over and he'd figure something out. Well low and behold, I walk into his garage and I see a makeshift studio with his Canon EOS 5D on a tripod and some lighting with a background propped up with some clips.

After taking a handful of great shots, he took a few of the best ones and did some editing in Photoshop

After a few adjustments with some back lighting and flash, here are the results. I am always so amazed at how creative he is, and how the smallest adjustments make a HUGE impact on how photos turn out. Thanks again Joe : )
- Jessie Garcia

Saturday, May 21, 2011

How much wine per table?

After meeting with a client of mine for an upcoming wedding, he raised a question I didn't know how to immediately answer. His question was "How much wine should I order for each table?". Being that I was accompanied by my colleague and special events director Brian Hall, he took notes and we discussed and did research that night. Here is what we found:

Recommendations for wine bottles per table

A bottle of wine fills 3-5 glasses depending on how much guests pour 
* If you have equal wine and beer drinkers you may only need 2-3 bottles per table
* Guests tend to drink a higher quantity of red wine vs. white wine.
* Guests tend to leave drinks or sit them down and forget them which can lead to an average of 5-6 glasses per person
You can find more helpful information on these two sites

Hope this helps!
- Jessie Garcia

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wedding season in full swing

Wow, just returned from an amazing vacation with my wife Sara and our 2 year old Evan. It was so nice to get away for 7 days and just relax! Oh yeah, where did we go? Maui, celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We haven't been back since the wedding, way too long! Thanks to my in-laws, we stayed at their condo located in Wailea, sooo nice!
Although I've had several weddings and corporate events this year already, I feel like wedding season is now getting into full swing for me. I just met with the groom for my upcoming event which is May 28th. He's really excited and is looking forward to a great reception. I met him a few years back after DJing his sister Joanne's wedding. I'm now offering a lot more since Joanne's big day, Jameson and Allison are going for a custom package which includes a photobooth and a videogram booth aside from music. I look forward to sharing new video with you shortly after the wedding!
-Jessie Garcia