Friday, August 12, 2011

Photo booth fun!

I am pleased to announce our new business, lolz! Photobooth. After doing some research and listening to my clients, I decided to invest and grow my DJ business with photo booth services. Have you ever been to an event that had a photo booth for their guests? It brings such so much fun to the table, it’s amazing!
Photo booths have been around for quite a long time, in fact the first automated photography machines was filed in 1888. The first known real working photo booth machine was shown at the World Fair in Paris in 1889! Photo booths sure have come a long way since then. Our photo booth has the best of both worlds, lightweight and portable yet it’s modern and fun looking. You can also fit up to 10 people at once!!!
Sp spread the word, lolz! Photobooth is now open for business. It is the perfect addition to any fun event you are planning!

-Jessie Garcia

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