Saturday, May 21, 2011

How much wine per table?

After meeting with a client of mine for an upcoming wedding, he raised a question I didn't know how to immediately answer. His question was "How much wine should I order for each table?". Being that I was accompanied by my colleague and special events director Brian Hall, he took notes and we discussed and did research that night. Here is what we found:

Recommendations for wine bottles per table

A bottle of wine fills 3-5 glasses depending on how much guests pour 
* If you have equal wine and beer drinkers you may only need 2-3 bottles per table
* Guests tend to drink a higher quantity of red wine vs. white wine.
* Guests tend to leave drinks or sit them down and forget them which can lead to an average of 5-6 glasses per person
You can find more helpful information on these two sites

Hope this helps!
- Jessie Garcia

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