Monday, May 23, 2011

How'd you take those photos?

 Hey everyone, after receiving a few comments through Facebook and email I thought I'd share how I had the photo at the top of this blog taken. I've been wanting to have some professional shots taken for my business so I brought the subject up with my Father-in-Law Joe Homsy who is an awesome wedding and event photographer. Although he does not have an actual studio, he told me to bring my gear over and he'd figure something out. Well low and behold, I walk into his garage and I see a makeshift studio with his Canon EOS 5D on a tripod and some lighting with a background propped up with some clips.

After taking a handful of great shots, he took a few of the best ones and did some editing in Photoshop

After a few adjustments with some back lighting and flash, here are the results. I am always so amazed at how creative he is, and how the smallest adjustments make a HUGE impact on how photos turn out. Thanks again Joe : )
- Jessie Garcia

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